- We always use bio oils when working over or near ponds or rivers
- All of our waste is recycled where possible, i.e. wood chips or logs for resale
- Alternatively brushwood and/or cord wood can be left on site to create natural and animal habitats
We are experienced in the installation of various types of bat boxes from quite small to very large and heavy, we can also supply the same full range of bat boxes.
Tree retention and protection is often a condition of planning approvals. The most vulnerable part of a tree during site construction is the one hidden below the ground - the root system. This is far more extensive than the more visible tree canopy, and needs water and oxygen to function. The chief threats to this underground environment are compaction from heavy loading, root severance through site stripping, utility trench excavations, and chemical pollutants such as fuel oils and cement and additives runoff.

To minimise these risks, British Standard “Trees in relation to Construction - Recommendation ” (B.S. 5837 2005) requires a fenced tree protection area and, in special circumstances, superimposed ground protection to be  implemented prior to commencement of works. For further advice, refer to the British Standard or consult an experienced arboriculturalist or landscape architect.


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