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RJ Broadley No mission impossible!

Our Services

  • We offer a quick, efficient, clean and friendly service. The phone is manned full time
  • We carry £10m Public Liability Insurance and £10m Employers Ins.
  • We are CHAS Accredited We are approved Contractors for KCC / Highways (Jacobs)
  • We are approved Contractors for Thanet District Council
  • We hold Waste Carriers Licence
  • All detritus is removed, recycled and processed
  • Cover every aspect of tree surgery and arboriculture – from planting to felling – and all in between
We offer care for trees from planting to felling, and all that is needed in between.

We use a local nursery with a good reputation for the quality of trees they sell, when purchasing new trees for planting. If our customer cares to chose their own, we can collect the trees on their behalf. We would then install these in the correct planting manner, with a view to the trees future longevity, appearance and overall health.

All staff at R J Broadley are fully au fait with pruning fruit trees to increase production, reducing trees away from buildings or similar,

  • Crown Lifting to allow pedestrian or vehicular access beneath,
  • Crown Thinning to allow more light through,
  • Crown Reducing once whole tree has become overlarge for its setting, pollarding various species that at times require reduction back to a trunk to allow to grow again, rather than fell altogether, and all other means of rendering trees safe, healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

Tree Services

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We cover from the smallest domestic garden to the larger industrial commercial sites.

We are environmentally aware and use bio fuels in our saws etc when working near water in order not to disrupt the wildlife in same. We also use hand saws whenever possible as this can leave a much neater, less damaging result. And is also much quieter.

Ultimately if the tree has to be felled, this can be undertaken through whatever method best suits the trees' location, from a safety point of view - fell in one, or dismantling piece by piece.
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Stump Grinding

Once felled, the Company can also grind out the remaining stump to a depth of some 6 inches, leaving the site level for future use.

We have a fairly substantial Stump Grinder on tracks that can narrow to enable passage through relatively narrow gaps.

Hedge Cutting

Another area we specialise in is hedge cutting. Any type, any height. Leaving a nice neat, tight hedge

Our stump grinder fits anywhere

Before and after crown reduction

01843 825190 (Thanet)
01227 290232 (Canterbury)
01304 340092 (Dover)
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 telephone 01843 825190, 01227 290232 or 01304 340092.
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